En vegetarian inne på ett steakhouse??

Det här är en liten artikel som jag hittade på en tysk TH-blogg :O Artikeln handlar om att Tom tycker att han är så ensam och vill hitta kärleken och bla bla bla. Vad hände med asiaten då?? Haha, jag gillar verkligen inte den där asiaten. Bill är ju vegetarian men jag läste att folk hade sett honom inne på ett STEAKHOUSE i L.A, haha vad fail gjort av Bill xD

Everyone would immediately sign this sentence: "I would love to find the big love." But when Tom from Tokio Hotel says this, then it's a total surprise. After all the 20-year-old doesn't skip any opportunity in the past to show off with his one-night-stands! But the rocker doesn't enjoy the quick pleasures for one night anymore: "It doesn't fulfill me anymore, I notice that more and more", he said to Bravo. "There are sometimes one or two beautiful nights. But in the end I feel empty as before again. I'm as lonely as Bill." Also his twin brother noticed that Tom isn't happy: "He leads a sad life. Therefore I'd never ask him for a love-advice.", Bill tells. "Quite the contrary: He actually learns by watching me. Because now he noticed that, what I already knew with 15: He shouldn't waste his little free time with some brief relationships, but spend it with people, who really mean something to him!" Does Tom even still have hope to find THE girl? "I firmly believe that it could happen – at least I hope so." We keep our fingers crossed for you, Tom!


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